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Chronic Vape Cart


Buy Chronic Vape Cart Online

70 – 90% THC content.

Specify Your Flavor(s) During Checkout On Order Notes!!

Available Flavors:

– Kush Cake                          – Lemon Cherry Gelato
– Skywalker OG                    – Headband
– Banana Sherbert               – Fruit Gushers
– White Rhino                       – Blue Dream
– Guava Cake                         – Biler Kimber
– Monster Cookies                – Sour Diesel
– Jungle Juice                        – Bert berry Cheese cake
– Incredible Hulk                  – Chocolope
– King Louis                           – Gorilla Glue
– Fruity Pebbles                    – Black Mamba
– 24K                                       – Alaskan Thunderfuck.



Buy Chronic Vape Cart Online

Buy Chronic Vape Cart Online is an up and coming brand and we weren’t too sure what to expect from them, Buy Vape Cats Online. Having never heard of them, they reminded me of Dank Vapes with their packaging, Buy Kush Online. But after searching them up, we couldn’t find anything on the company other than their only social media account, Buy Cannabis Online. Having little background, we were a little skeptical on vaping this cartridge, Buy Marijuana Online.


  • Sweet and light taste
  • Smooth hits


  • It gives a very light high
  • Weak and thin oil
  • No lab results

Recommendations: Make the oil stronger, provide more information on the company and their lab results.

UPDATE 9/11/2019: DISCLAIMER: In light of more recent news, it has become apparent that black market cartridges, counterfeit cartridges, and fake brands of cartridges have become more widespread than we had ever realized. We urge readers to apply their own discretion, and caution that at no point should readers assume that a review of a cartridge on our site is a guarantee of its safety. We advise readers to always verify their cartridges as coming from a legitimate source.

Chronic Carts have little background information

Before trying these out, we did some research on them and found very little background information on the company. We couldn’t find any authentic website nor lab results out. We were able to find their official Instagram account, showing pictures of various flavors they have. Apart from that, there is no other source to prove that they are an authentic or registered company.

In addition, we did find a dispensary selling these carts on Weedmaps. We found a dispensary out in California called Legendary Remedies. Looking more into this dispensary, we found that they also sell cartridges like Dabwoods, Cereal Carts, Cookies Carts and more unregulated brands. Seeing this gives less credibility not only to the cartridge, but the dispensary as well.

Buy Chronic Vape Cart Online gives a sweet and flavorful hit.

The only thing that I like about these cartridges is the taste it gives. This particular flavor I picked up, Sweetartz, gives a nice and sweet candy like taste to it. These carts also give smooth hits, not harsh on the throat and doesn’t feel strong either. But after a while of hitting it, I personally got tired of the taste because it does taste a little artificial to me.

Strength is very low and gives a weak high

Aside from the taste, this cartridge gives a very weak and light high. It took me a while, probably around a dozen hits, to feel a decent buzz. This has to be the biggest con of this cartridge, you can barely enjoy the high without taking a lot of hits. Not only that, but it just doesn’t give you a strong high regardless how many hits you take from it. The oil in our cartridge just isn’t as potent at all.

The quality of the oil is light and very thin

Buy Chronic Vape Cart Online
The oil quality has a very light color and is really thin on these carts.

Taking a look at the oil, it seems nice at first and gives a light gold color. The oil does seems to be a little too light, but I thought nothing of it at first. After turning it upside down, we noticed that the oil quality is really thin and isn’t that potent. As mentioned earlier, it really did take us a while to get high with these Chronic Carts.

These vape carts use fake CCELL hardware

Buy Chronic Vape Cart Online
Taking a closer look, you can notice that right underneath the atomizer is a white plastic ring. Authentic CCELL’s use a clear ring.

This brand uses inauthentic CCELL cartridges. At first, I couldn’t tell because it looked legit. It has all the three stamps underneath the cartridge along with the CA serial number. But the only thing that gave it off is that it has a white plastic ring underneath the atomizer rather than a clear one. See our post to learn more on how to identify real and fake CCELL cartridges.


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